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Nostalgia Late
Track 4 of \\Consolation\Desolation the start of the new movement.
Electronic - Trip Hop
Previous peak charts position #576
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #20
September 05, 2005
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I miss being inside of you I detest the memories that fell through I can’t recall the warmth of you adjoining me A blank slate to get you out my mind How could we be so unkind? Remember all your sorrows are what set me free When I kiss your lips and your desires you You were nothing Blistering Rain Drops Sand painted mountain tops Rectifying you is nonstop Clove scent blaspheme A wasted trip just to see a tree Say hi to the neighbors for me Circles in the desert Transplant revert A Burlesque dance in nothing but your skirt Just a Mattress why no bed You were so well read And then you smiled and fled A balcony full of steam You and I making such a great team It was all about your self esteem Us together synergy and brand Besides you look so sexy all covered in sand And I always loved you But you never cared You Never Cared
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