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Rock - Instrumental Rock
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Peter L Jones
2005 Peter L Jones
February 19, 2005
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Story behind the song
learjeff posted a sampleset of his Rhodes electric piano and it sounded beautiful. Then ZioKiller posted his physical modelling synth, MrRay73. I had to do a tune with one or other -- and eventually went for the synth. The guitar and drums both come from Geoff Khan: his ultimate guitar kit allows incredible expression (in the right hands ;-)) and LiveKit7 also has depth and feeling in the recording. Both just make making music so more easier. On the effects front, we have: MrRay73 with part of the sound sent through JCM900 and MDA's Leslie; the mixed sound then goes through Kjaerhus Classic Reverb and Master Limiter. Tapeworm plays into Kjaerhus Classic Chorus and dfp's Blockfish. geoffkhan's ultimate guitar kit soundfont is played by sfz, through JCM900, Muzys' stereo chorus and dfp's Blockfish. geoffkhan's LiveKit7 is played by sfz, through Kjaerhus Master Limiter. There was meant to be more reverb... There's no overall limiter on the mix and I forgot to check the levels... hence clipping!
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