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Single - $1.00
Album - $8.00
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #133
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #17
Crystal Cameron and Desmond Banks
Fella-ship Productions
February 18, 2005
MP3 2.9 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:11 minutes
BLESSED DAY Words by Crystal Cameron Music by Chris Salmeron and Desmond Banks Tired of struggling, tired of tripping, tired of disappointing you Tired of crying, these tears keep flying I can't do this without you Tired of living, tired of sinning Walking without all of you Tired of slipping, my mind keeps flipping Please turn these thoughts back to you (PreChorus) Why do I mess up ~ Just to fess up Trying to do it on my own Why do I fall down ~ Why do I stay bound I can't do it alone Chorus: It's a blessed day ~ It's a new day It's a brighter day ~ cuz you healed me from the pain It's a blessed day ~ It's a new day It's a brighter day ~ a brand new day Verse 2 Lord can you help me, help me to see Break these walls from all around me Take the pain from my mistakes Release me from all my heartaches I know you hear me ~ I know you feel me I know you show me so much grace All my body, mind and soul Take my life and make me whole (PreChorus) Chorus 1X Chant~ We love you LORD We need you more Be with us LORD We love you LORD
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