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an angry little love song
Alternative - Grunge
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Maximum Headlessness
February 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
the dangers of falling into careless love
eyes have turned to cherries my finger is in the air twisting on my hair, my mind is on the run cuz there's cherries in your eyes waiting for the outlet to bring you back to life watch my head turn into a spoon it seems so difficult when you're alone you feel so miniscule so pitiful so........what? yes? no? me? you? eyes have turned to cherries her finger is in my head twisting on my brain she said , with cherries in her eyes "I'm waiting for the outlet to bring me back to life" (but i dont think you're happy enough) cherries in your eyes she's waiting like a cancer and i am like a fly, buzzing back to earth to annoy you
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