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Welcome To Dystopia
Guitar Rock - Bernie Hahn wrote this song and Christian Raw Dog played it on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder - 1995. 'Dystopia is that imaginary place where we think we will find happiness without Christ.'
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Rock - Christian Rock
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Bernie Hahn
2005 Roman Recordings Published 1996
October 26, 2019
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Welcome To Dystopiaccby Bernie HahnccDystopia where are you?ccI'm searching for Dystopia.ccAll my friends are there.ccWhere are you?ccccSedentary allegations breed suspicious minds,ccMomma told you never talk to strangers.ccSee the enemy abound on every street you findccWho can save you from this present danger?ccJesus save meccDarkness edging from the east.ccanother night of fearccEvil needs a victim for its passion.ccLock the windows, bolt the door,ccanother mother's tearsccWhy is all this killing now in fashion in this world?ccccMalicious malcontents run rampant in your neighborhoodscclike monsters children dream are under beds.ccPoliticos & thought-police try tell you "all is well"ccThey're sorry to inform you, God is dead!ccSo keep your morals to yourself,ccwe love our life of sin.ccIsn't that the liberal equation? cc"Don't restrict our flagrancy, its imperative we win."ccCountless numbers now hold this persuasion,ccin this world!ccccWelcome to Dystopia. a land of make-believeccwhere wicked people triumph over good.ccIs it just pretend or is there more than meets the eye.ccIs this depiction more than Hollywood?ccWelcome to Dystopia, resort for the unnaturalccwhere Dant'e looks for lost souls he can fell.ccTwo roads lie before you, with such little time to chooseccA road that leads to heaven or a road that leads to hellccA life that leads you higher and another ends with fire.ccIf Dystopia's your destination be prepared to burn for awhile.ccccBurnie Hahn: Guitars,ccBackgound Vocals.ccRick Roman: Keyboard, Bass,ccDrum Programming, Vocals.ccccDystopia is an imaginary placeccwhere people think they must attainccto be happy. It's the world with allccits glitter and gold. It is a counterfeitccof the real thing. It Is where peopleccthink they have the upper hand.
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