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Broke Stuff
Den's tribute to our troops, the 507th and Patrick Miller.
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2005, Den Hollinden (ASCAP.) All rights reserved.
February 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is the album version of the song "Broke Stuff." The single version has previously been available on the Music V2 site, but I wanted to have all three songs from the "Somebody Over There" single here on the same site. Since I had the album version ready, I thought I would post that instead. Finally, a lot of people who wanted to listen to the song previously weren't able to, because they connect using a modem. The "lo fi" stream option here at SoundClick should give them that opportunity. (Sorry this has been so technical. All I really want to say is I hope you like the song and God bless our troops! : )
There's a simple workin' man In this Kevlar cowboy hat. Wasn't me who decided where These boots are planted at, But you can bet I know my job-- Why I'm over here. I Keep the hummer horses hummin'; Stuck in the rear with the gear. (Chorus) I fix broke stuff. I didn't come here to kill-- Just fix broke stuff, But if you mess with me I will. I'm not a hero. I'm an American. I do my job. Sometimes that's enough; so, I fix broke stuff. We were out there workin'; Must o' took us a wrong turn. Terrain was unfamiliar, And it takes a while to learn. Bad guys lyin' waitin'; Not our style to run. They put me on their TV, Asked me why I'd come; So, I told 'em... (Chorus) (Bridge) We're simple workin' men In our Kevlar cowboy hats. (Chorus) We fix broke stuff. Like your broken government. Just fix broke stuff, That's why we were sent. We're not heroes. We're Americans. We love freedom. We like to share; so, we fix broke stuff.
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