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Spirit Horse (Demo I - Remastered +1#)
This has a more contemporary feel to it. The heart of the song lies with the swinging drums and the vocal melodies. The song keeps a steady pace, building up to the chorus. The song progresses into the instrumental section, before the last chorus.
Rock - Hard Rock
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Billy Fogg
April 30, 2017
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5:12 minutes
Intro Your world, as I see it Strips away my time as I stand tall Call me on, to justify my pride I stand to fall. Verse 1 This disfigured life of mine Hunts me down again, My love and hate combine And stalks me every day, As I drift inside my mind I stop to feel the pain, My saddened heart denies But you restore my faith, Chorus A Veil of darkness falls And I Feel My world is in decline, I lose hope, As I feel The shivers down my spine, There I lie In a field My body starts to die, My Heart slows And then Stills As the spirit horse comes by. Verse 2 As the one true love of mine Forever in a day, We will stand the test of time Forever here we'll lay, As I die inside my mind My sins are washed away, My heart never was denied For love your heart you gave, Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus
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