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Oceans of Time (Demo 1 - Remastered +1#)
Soothing ocean waves give way to acoustic guitars and synthed strings. A gentle lead guitar introduces the first vocal passage. The song slowly builds momentum until suddenly the song's main theme, recorded in 3/4 time, bursts through triumphantly. F
Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #2
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Billy Fogg
April 30, 2017
MP3 6.9 MB
160 kbps bitrate
6:03 minutes
Intro Open your mind, open your eyes, And see what the truth has to say. An open book, that is my life, Sailing through oceans of time. Verse 1 Waiting, contemplating, I am losing, who I am. I feel the hatred in my heart, and I fear that I'm going insane. I feel the day that that I day depart, and the fear that I feel is the same. Bridge As we walk through our lives, knowing not where our destination lies. We ponder questions, and we seek answers. The truth being that we may never find what we seek. Each of us lies in a lonely torment, our destiny still to be discovered. Verse 2 I lost my way, direction gone, Setting sail I head into the wind. Rain beating down, upon my face, There is nothing to hide my disgrace. I can't give up, I can't concede, And be beaten in crushing defeat. From far away I see my home, Now I know I'm not alone.
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