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Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #512
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #53
William C. Daviet
August 14, 2008
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Story behind the song
Christians are called to be ponds, not puddles. Get some more of Jesus, live it, breath it. Leave the bumper stickers for the hypocrites. The real fruit should be evident in our lives.
Verse 1 Day-Glo Jesus on the dashboard cannot seem to guide my way * Jaded Buddha offers candy, how did you end up this way? * Crystals, star maps, meditations * Channeling our lives away * Shaman’s lacking true vocations * Celebrities who lead, astray * Bridge (while) the echo from the empty tomb rings louder in my ears * than the traffic jam from hell, which bound me grid locked in my fears * the play-list at His crossroads won’t include a turnaround * just songs of celebration sung by lost souls who’ve been found! * Chorus Snow-blind by His glory but I never seem to lose my way * Snow-blind, in His presence yet He holds me in His arms of grace * Snow-blind through His mercy as His Spirit leads me on my way * Don’t be deceived, Jesus is the way Verse 2 Whitewashed tombs with whispered voices, leave Him on a cross to die * Religious minded hypocrites, no power in their daily lives *Drive through Christianity for shallow superficial lives * No time to sit down with the King * “Would you like your Jesus biggie sized?”
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