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Eroding the Spires
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
Previous peak charts position #101
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
January 29, 2005
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Awaiting pyre To myself is held the flame with which to cleanse Extinguish with that which lurks in mind Regret foreshadows its maker For the future now knows my past Their vast distance soon shall overwhelm They befriend not but in death Deliver the body So as to mate with the soul May all smother in the falling ashes I shall permit nothing the right to fade Candles were lit in my memories The will not haunt with paraffin Prompting the resurgence of internal injury Scarred wounds now will burst and seethe Why do some veins flow with milken nourishment? Will mine always make the choice to bleed? My castle has become my decrepit tomb From its spires to the vast eternity I call upon the consummation of my emptiness Might it spread in me as a disease that I maintain Usurping the senses as the nerves are severed Bitterness overcomes the forgone sweet Discordant worlds blind with distorted clarity In the depths of black oceans what can now be seen? All that could have been or shall ever come to be Turn to a deadened shade of fading gray Epitaphs grow in tomes with every passing day Know and show no warmth Let these wayward deeds burn Cauterized eyes wish not recognize mine self Lone in the mourning of beauty For it as all things which are living Must too die