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Descent Into Aphelion
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
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January 28, 2005
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Alizarin skies provide the subterfuge for flight I’ve left the lighted path, had taste of tarnished air Betrayal of angels end, cast out with purity Permeating the final breath become now sacrosanct With the tongues of nothing spake these winds unto my ear Usurping their knowledge from the deaf and dying Their answers carry to me upon silence Men will fly only on the flesh In flesh beget thine only flight Finding time alone in the earth While redemption lays deep in putrescence Side by side stands immortality with all eternal See the antiquities wait with rot in rust Nearby cries from the mouths of those who die In agony they’ve realized their perpetual lie Their words purger wrought in blasphemy In defiled world with deity unfurled damnation supersedes decay Living coils reap the ineffable Crushed gods now fall to mortality As they’ve never been they have nothing Too they will never be Just as is the flight So shall the kingdoms come to fall and weep Through flesh with blood and bone in death With salvation there is found no such rest Intertwined it lays dormant underneath the dust