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Marissa - House Of Moist
Houston's "House Of Moist" plays "Marissa" live at Sharkey's. 2001. Used with permission from House Of Moist. Recorded on Roland VS-2480
Rock - Rock n Roll
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House Of Moist
January 28, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is a live recording of House Of Moist at Sharkey's pool hall in 2001. I recorded this as my Roland VS-2480 was also running the PA system and stage monitors. We had a gig with House Of Moist, and I brought all my PA gear - including the 2480 - So I recorded the show. It turned out pretty well IMO. A tight + good sounding band always makes my job as the engineer SO much easier! These guys are proof! The song is "Marissa", and I was given permission to post this as an evaluation of my live recording skills and production as "Randyman Productions".