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Randy's Song
This is my first attempt at writing a whole song. I played all instruments on this track - BUT I'm not a guitar player, or a bass player - and I'm barely a drummer ;) . Recorded on the Roland 2480 with Live drums, direct guitar and 2 bass tracks.
Alternative - Alternative General
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Randy V
January 28, 2005
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Story behind the song
As stated above - This is my first attempt at a song. I am a drummer of 22 years, but never write songs on my own. It is a bit fruity/funky/freaky, and it pulls and drags - but I think it is bearable... The odd lead instrument is the 2nd bass track with some auto-wah and other crap on it. Maybe I'll try another song one day? I have no guitar skills, and my theory is practically null, so I am very limited in my pallette. My other 2 bands keep me busy as a drummer anyway...
I actually wrote this song for a girl, and it had some stupid bleeding heart lyrics - but I CAN'T sing! I mean not at all! So, I 86'ed the lyrics, and made it an instrumental, and let the lead bass track "sing" the parts. What a screwball, eh? ;)