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Dance With Me
Dance With Me, Everyone come dance with me and praise him.
Urban - Gospel
Previous peak charts position #260
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #43
So Poz Records
January 27, 2005
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LYRICS DANCE WITH ME Writer: Tina J (ASCAP), Ed Jenkins, Sr. (ASCAP), Matthew “Mozart” Jenkins (ASCAP) So Positive Publishing Producer: Ed Jenkins, Sr., Matt “Mozart” Jenkins for So Poz Production Lead Vocals: Tina J BGV: Tina J All Music: Ed Jenkins / Guitar Mert Mays, Jr. Hey you over there, let me talk to you for a minute – uh The truth its over hear, ooh I just want you to hear this I let you know what the deal, not about the dope fast life da chrome wheels I just want you come see, how real He is to me Hook Loving the way you move, the way you talk and the way you walk Jesus Loving the things you do, the way you soon be coming take us back Jesus Oh, I can dance all night if its for you Jesus (Come dance with me) We’ll dance to the morning light, if its for Jesus (Come dance with me) Now the way dress, your hair braided, tims looking - do its best It’s not about what you came to see, it all about the Lord not about me Lift your hands in the air, praise the Lord everybody Give him thanks, praise and glory Come on and dance wit me, yeah Oh, the thing you do, makes me feel like loving you I like what you say to me, make me give more of me Out on the dance floor, tell to people shake some more I can’t dance all night, unless its for Jesus Come Dance with me Clap your hands now, clap now Bop your head now, bop em Stomp your feet now, stomp em Go on and shake now, shake it Ummmmmmmmm, if its for you Jesus, come dance with me Oooooooooooh, yeah, ummmm, come dance with me
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