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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #725
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #94
Yves Philippe
2005 Yves Philippe
January 17, 2005
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Story behind the song
This was the breaking point for me to sing. First song I wrote, in a flash of inspiration.
You take chances everyday And you tell me it's all ok Take a trip, across town and walk around, walk around You know you walk a fine line we all do everyday but it doesn't mean it has to thread astray If I would've known you wouldn't be back That day I would've followed in your track I guess we never know when these things happen I guess we're not supposed to know when these things happen Oh no The lights were flashing for you The sirens were...screaming your name ooooooh...And I was screaming too mmmmm...Johanna! I don't know what to do Without you Now that you're gone Forever I take a walk across town and walk around walk around You take my arm but I... I can't feel it. A sea of tears Burst from the sky And washes away The last of you I just want my tears To was myself away with you I just want my tears To wash myself away!