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Two Cents A Month
Boy meets girl...marries girl...div0rices girl. Girl goes to court...court says "pay". Uh oh...
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Frank Delgado
January 17, 2005
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Story behind the song
Well....you fellas who've put 'ex' next to wife know what i'm talking about. But it's really more than two cents a month. It's more like 350...i just tape two cents onto the top o that check each month, as a lil reminder and token of that this is the feeling of many a veteran of domestic demolition and court de-c0nstruction of an ill-fated bliss....
If I had a dollar, for every time that I tried, to get you off my mind I'd donate my first milliion to the heartbroken and blue... and portion out the rest in this testament to you.... Two cents a month, for the rest of your life don't spend it all at once if you ask my advice, Two cents a month, I intend to sacrifice Two cents a month, for the rest of your life. We spent twelve long years, and it sure was nice but it would've been better had I left you at five, but I'm a decent fella, and I won't abandon you so have a seat, cause here's the treat that I've got planned for you... CHORUS bridge: You never had a problem...speaking your mind you always threw your two cents in well darlin', here comes mine (count em'...one and one is...) CHORUS
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