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Just a Man
Mellow song aimed at those who love and hope it's not in vain
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #490
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #52
Steven M. Seay
© Steven Seay 2005-01-14 13:10:34
January 14, 2005
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song as a plee to the girl i love'd a long time ago. She left anyway, it wasn't ment to be.
Just A Man I can't see you walking away But I can't tell you, tell you to stay But I can show you a world of peace And I can love you if you will just love me Why can't the world come together and love Why can't we just stay together in love Now I've been crying and holding you tight Cause the only times your with me Are deep in my dreams at night So won't you come and see me Just hop on the bus And can't you try just a little more Just a little more for us And I've been trying so hard to keep this alive And it's gonna take more then hello and good-bye So here I stand, no more then Just A Man In love with you