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This is a new collab partner from overseas, Les Cristaux Liquident. PakuPaku provided this killer dub, I wrote and recorded the bizarre lyrics.
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brian smith/les cristaux liquident
2005 brian smith/les cristaux liquident
January 14, 2005
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Story behind the song
PakuPaku and his Les Cristaux Liquident bredren, put down some groovy dubs, we celebrate technology by making music that couldn't be without the world wild web. Zubrowka is an honest to goodness Polish vodka made from actual bison grass, how could that be bad for anyone? Well we both made zubrowka (the song) while celebrating Jah's blessings.
I like to think That Mother Nature rules the Earth And the almighty Jah Rastafari Rules all the people Together they are mother and father And we Are the children If I had a Monet picture It would be that pretty one With the water and the flowers Cause splashing can be a lotta fun If I had a salad spinner It would have a spout For leaking the leeks And so the water can more easily get out So the water can just run right out If I had a good reason I could run and hide But things as they are I better steer than just to ride I better steer than just to ride If my head was filled with questions I would just let it sit Then by Wednesday morning Maybe I could give a sh** If my sister had a wiener dog I would go and walk him But if that rain came pouring down We would have to swim Maybe we would have to go and swim If I had a zillion dollars I would buy some time Somewhat further backwards And take my brothers climb If I had some baseball cards I could trade them all Give three Honus Wagners And get two tickets to the mall If I had my Oster blender I would whip some berries If that took me too far off Then maybe Id have sufficient reason to worry Maybe then Id have a reason to worry If I had an appointment Maybe it would be with the mighty king But youre always late Should I be looking in to other things Look it up in a book If I had a motor scooter I could wind it up Maybe inside the coffee pot They just dont like those little cups Textbook directed resentment towards an innocent vessel If I had a TV show You could be the star I wish I was really little So I could drive a really Little car If I had three hundred dollars Thered be donuts by the score January then February Then shell be turning four Happy birthday to you sweetheart If I had more gumbo I could make some noise Next door my neighbors They got two shiny little boys Yeah they got shiny one and shiny two Salad spinner going around All going to be mixed up
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