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PIMP sh***!
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HipHop - New School
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June 22, 2007
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TURN UP THE MUTHA PHUCKING MUSIC!! (highest position was 4) Positive Vibes on soundclick THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOADED THAT PIMP sh** !!! PIMP SHIIT f*** ing b*** s/ thats how we living/ boning in the kitchen/chocolate woop cream pannies on the ceiling/ sexual healing like marvin gay/ 24 inch dayton on the escalate /WE GETTING PAID/you know I got a date/ I hope she hooks it up with some good eggs and steak/can't call it date rape if she agrees/by ten oclock that b*** s is on her knees/I have to admit I grown since I was young/ Dj Quik told me not to use my tongue/ they call me anaconda the way that I'm hung/laying dick like hugh hefner and um/back in the days/I used to sneak in the windows/fingering b*** s while I smoke one that indo/me and the homie Lo going for a cruz/two young playas with nothing to lose/every thang to gain/go pick up jennine/ two hours late in a f*** ing G string/said she had a friend/ Lo said it all depends/is she black yellow or mexican/turns out she puerto rican/and she's a freak'en/parents gone for the WHOLE FUCKING WEEKEND HOLLA CHORUS "porns noise's rude sex vulgar language" end CHORUS I guess Iam fool for a big butt and a smile/it only takes awhile and I get all wild/started off as a juvenile/in a hotel/if the pussy smells/like a bat out of hell then all be out/faster then you can count/pick up a new chick and a half an ounce/thats some X rated sh** I cant pronounce/while if you do want to know then keep on listening/ if not turn the CD off and stop your b*** ing/she said she had the porno's of them boning in the corn hole/ I said "thats gross pass the muthaphucking remote/put on the playboy channel/ b*** s f*** ing like animals/titty's sitting juicy like two f*** ing canolopes/finshed off at 420/took a shot of that henny/when it comes to pussy you know I got plenty HOLLA CHORUS "porns noise's rude sex vulgar language" end CHORUS (FADE OUT) TRUTH505 Whats up this is TRUTH505 thanks for stopping by! its tight I got lots of people visiting my site from across the planet and thats ill thanks again! My first MP3 Album "" is available now and you can buy it in my store. TRUTH 505's Soundclick Website free music download b*** !! "One must always choose the path with heart in order to be at one's best, perhaps so one can always laugh."-Carlos Castaneda WTF!? In the real journey of life, your own intuition is your only teacher-Osho Big L , afro muthaphuckin man , God , all the underground artist show caseing there music. my producer LEX and all my friends and family all the real people peace TRUTH505 BACK by popular demand HOT CHICKS IF YOU DONT LIKE HOT CHICKS GET THE FUCK OUT THANKS CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TRUTH505 Looking for beats looking for beats if you got those hot beats holla @ me Jessica Alba.... Easter Egg b*** Drop me a line kick a rhyme weather your a fan or a stan holla yo peace.
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