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So Smart
Updated May 2006: Another one mastered by Matt Williams Co-written and sung by my wife, April.
Rock - Rock General
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Bruce Mahoney
2004 honedawg productions
May 11, 2006
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2:57 minutes
Story behind the song
We're surrounded by geniuses.
Well you...think you're so smart if people don't believe they're wrong. No matter what the conversation, you've got something to add. And if you don't have an answer, you'll make one up-who would question you? The way you babble on and on, you must like the way your voice sounds when you talk. Or do you really...Think you're so smart (4X) How could you be that dumb? When you talk to me it's like you're talking down to someone who's way beneath you. You think nobody notices those patronizing looks you give. Your measure of a person's worth is where they live or what they drive. If you were any more shallow, you'd drown in a paper cup. Still you...Think you're so smart (4X) How could you be that dumb? You snubb me on the street as if you're just above everyone. If you only knew the things that get said when you're not around. But if you need something, I'm your best friend. You think I'll be here 'till the end. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't around, then who would be your bitch? And still you...Think you're so smart (4X) How could you be that dumb.
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