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Misty Morgan piano and vocal. Writer: Jack Blanchard.
Country - Country General
Previous peak charts position #15
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Jack Blanchard
2004 BMI
May 24, 2019
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Story behind the song
A RARE MISTY MORGAN SOLO PERFORMANCE. When I first met Misty Morgan we were both pianists and singers. Well, to be honest, she was actually the singer, and I was more of a songwriter. After we had been working together a while natural selection took over, and she became the lead piano player and I became the backup rhythm and bass guy. Her singing voice is so smooth and full of nuances and depth, we developed a Beauty and the Beast style of duet singing. Of course I was the beast. Besides being a great at the keyboards, she has always been my favorite singer. Somehow, shes never been as thrilled with her own singing as the rest of us are. Misty released several solo singles in the 1960s on our own labels. She recorded under the names Jacqueline Hyde and Maryanne Mail. at least two of the cuts were exceptionally good, but they never got much airplay on our little label. Jump ahead a bunch of years and you see us in a recording studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where were recording some duets and the great country/jazz fiddle player Vassar Clements is there. We decide to do a couple of things featuring Misty and Vassar. First they do an instrumental, Georgia on My Mind, which just gets them warmed up. Then Misty picks out a bluesy torch song I wrote called Still Comin Down from You. The performance is a classic, and now its the first Misty Morgan solo recording to be released in over twenty years. I love it! Misty has a little smile when she hears it. Im sure she likes it too, although she probably wont come right out and say so. Jack Blanchard Misty Morgan: Vocal solo and piano, Vassar Clements: Fiddle. Manon's Dream: Backup vocals. Written & produced by Jack Blanchard.
STILL COMIN DOWN FROM YOU. I get invitations to go out on the town. I could say yes, but, baby, I guess... Im Still Comin Down from You. I make explanations. I know how hollow they sound. Why should I try? I cant get high... cause Im Still Comin Down from You. Still comin down... Still comin down... Yes, Im Still Comin Down from You. Friends make conversation. Your name comes up and makes me blue. Theyll have to give me time... Its a long hard climb. and Im Still Comin Down from You. Still comin down... Still comin down... Yes, Im Still Comin Down from You.
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