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When Alena entered the quiet room...
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...she turned it into a Chinese disco bar.
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music : G. Snowcat / lyrics : G.Snowcat
December 25, 2004
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The name of the storm Is you who never have seen snow Cold flakes unformed Empty dawn explodes without its glow Asian atmosphere For you who quietly changed the day Expressions unclear Shattered hearts all melt after your stay Blank page in sight From you who seduced my own ghosts Arrested at night Creeping fears all come when doors are closed Poisoned by grace Then you who seemed distant from there Promising face You'd rule factories from a high stair Are you dancing upon descending scenes Are they sure to understand your ways Are you still writing about poetic means Am I tired enough to leave you in my haze ? We looked at the walls And you who once trenched in our script Prevailed my goals Ambitious screens are nothing but snipped Down underground Now you who couldn’t stop the milk Failed on a bound Cold air inspired you to hide your silk Are you waiting to skip this theory Are they sure to look from the right side Are you still thinking to leave me plea by plea Am I dead enough to forget what’s to hide ? Moving away An airport plays the coffee shop No one would stay To dare to turn the darkening knob Some words from me To you who’d miss a silent heart Love makes them free Alena, please finish my part Are you reaching the airport in the night Are they sure to read you the right way Are you meeting the cat on the second flight Am I mad enough to hope for a new day ?
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