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Gypsy King
is a free form, stream of consciousness poem set to music.
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db 1981, 1997.
August 13, 2005
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Story behind the song
Usually when I write songs, the music comes first and the words flow from it, but this time the lyrics came first.
Good knows, heaven flows, earth shows, woes hoe, Fire weather, time heather, dill never, berry mine Neat heat, sleet beat, tickle sickle, terry dime Rhyme mime, fine wine, meet me in the summertime I - o - I - o - I - o - way I - o - I - o - I - o - way Nickel hickle weigh lay, pay day heh say Do you know the way, may? Tell me you’re okay Sunshine summertime ovens only underline Kickback, knickknack, leave you w/the rickrack Better heather, stormy weather gets you when you’re down boy Dont die, feel fine, never mind the cloudy sky There’s a ship ahoy, roi, Bring you lots of joy! Like a feather dressed in leather falling from the sky high Hit the ground inside the sound the wind begin to sigh -- my Hail Mary, pay the ferry man -- its almost time now Dont sit down and wear a frown - We’ve got no time to lie guy Repeat 1st verse I - o - I - o - I - o - way I - o - I - o - I - o - way
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