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This is the feature song from the DOG DAZE CD. It was written and recorded on one of those long, hot, sweaty, nights during the Dog Days of August.
Single - $1.00
Urban - Smooth R&B
Previous peak charts position #162
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #30
Cliff Houck
2001 Cliff Houck
January 04, 2003
MP3 5.5 MB
128 kbps bitrate
6:00 minutes
Story behind the song
At times, it can be difficult to express one's feelings with words. Especially when you wrestle with some of those haunting "skeletons in the closet" For me, a guitar is a voice that can be utilized as a means of expressing some of my innermost feelings and an enhanced extension of emotion. The session started at about sundown and I considered it "finished" at 4AM. As the night slipped away and dawn approached, the mental battle raged to a climax and then.....Resolve, peace, and a better understanding of myself. I will reserve the right not to divulge the subject of my wrestling but I am happy to report I worked it out......I am also happy to share the musical version of my conflict in this tune. "4AM" Enough of the heavy stuff! Punch the play button and enjoy!
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