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How 'M I S'posed T' Have A Merry Christmas
A tribute to Santa Ray Jochem, a hero to so many of us kids growing up in small town Southern Indiana.
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December 13, 2004
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Story behind the song
Growing up in St. Henry, Indiana, the day we looked forward to more than any other was Christmas. Our town had the distinction of having one of the truly great Santas in the area. The man's name was Ray Jochem, and I really had no idea he lead a double life--even though I also sang with him a lot of Sundays in the St. Henry Church choir. To me, Santa was...well, just Santa, and once a year, us kids would walk up to the Bungalow Bar for a bag of candy and the chance to sit on Santa's lap and whisper in his ear what we wanted for Christmas that year. Santa Ray Jochem has since passed away, and each year as Christmas approaches, I sometimes have to stop and think how I'm going to have a merry Christmas...when Santa Claus is gone.
I remember way back when I was young Sittin' on Santa's knee. He'd ask me what I wanted for Christmas Then bring it right to me. I haven't had such personal attention Since I don't know when. I wish that reindeer farmer in the red pajamas 'D come and make me smile again, But (Chorus) How 'm I s'posed to have a merry Christmas When Santa Claus is gone? I ran out to the Lone Oak farm And just stood there...all alone. Mrs Claus's cryin', And the elves're on the phone, Sayin' "How 'm I s'posed to have a merry Christmas When Santa Claus is gone?" I hitched a ride on an old John Deere Sayin', "Take me to Santa Claus Land." He said, "That place has been gone for years-- Neighbor, where you been? They replaced it with an amusement park With a kick butt roller coaster ride, But your white-haired wanted man You'll never find inside." So (Chorus) How many little stockings Hung over Dubois County with care 'Ll turn into tiny teardrops If he don't make it here? So, please be on the lookout As you go dashin' through the snow, And if you ascertain his whereabouts, Please call and let me know. Oh Somebody call Ferdinand police, 'Cause Santa Claus is gone. Somebody call the Dale police, 'Cause Santa Claus is gone. Somebody call Holland police, 'Cause Santa Claus is gone. Somebody call Huntingburg police, 'Cause Santa Claus is gone. Somebody please call 911, 'Cause Santa Claus is gone.
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