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Roxy Music inspired, slow, quiet, bassy, groovy. Poxfil and me.
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Electronic - Electronica
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brian smith/poxfil
2004 brian smith/laurent sparrow
December 12, 2004
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Story behind the song
I had written many of my songs prior to hearing Poxfil, when his music hit me, the words just fit so easily.
I show them where I live Its not like theres any secrets If one wants in one just has to look at me They can just come right on in I like leavin my door open Been my weakness and my attraction Lights often on If not, its only my inattention I think you got the message now Gotta get skeeter to act like my ideal For the girl now or never Ziggy Marley says Keep looking ever forward To that one bright day Love can be, I seen it before But now girls are hard But I like it that way Easy she come and easy she go One dark day easy she did you know And now girls are hard And I like it that way I guess
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