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Never Lose Hope
Never Lose Hope/ No matter how much power they have, they can't stop tomorrow/ today it's up to you to deal with the sorrow!
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Boobah Siddik/Sandstorm JA/Big B/Ren K
Shadow Zu/Big B
December 08, 2004
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Story behind the song
Ren K brought the song, she already had a hook, we just filled it with that Zu flaveur!!!
HOOK Never Lose Your Hope and your faith/ Keep figting is the name of the game/ Hold on tight, stand up tall/ Cuz everything is gonna be all right/ Tactics, survival skills, it's getting hectic/ Plastic, boobs and lips, Butt Elastic/ Drastic, Boobah Siddik is boombastic/ Blast it, since you knew i wouldn't pass it/ Synergy, positive move of energy/ Elevate, Mind state high and gravitate/ Medidate, give thanks daily and celebrate/ Life is a gift never mind for the rifts/ Give thanks for your father give praise for your mother/ Love your family remember the other/ God said let's take care of one another/ Simple, be a man who is humble/ the day you will fumble, you will find someone to pick you up from the rubble/ So chillllllll Rushing things always bring trouble/ It's always good to wisen up on the double/ That's why we always end up in couples/ Procreation is the only way for survival/ HOOK
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