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A wall of acoustic guitars, one in double-dropped D tuning, with hand percussion drumming.
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Rock - Folk Rock
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Joe Peters
Joe Peters
December 07, 2004
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Story behind the song
The two historical figures who have most inspired and informed my life are Jesus Christ and Siddhartha Gotama, the Buddha. I gave thanks to Jesus on my first album with Michael, “Given Birth,” in a song entitled “Son of Man.” Here’s it’s Buddha’s turn...
Siddhartha Long ago & far away, a child was born to be a king His father sheltered him from pain Behind four walls of wealth, the prince had everything His innocence was thus retained At 29 the prince was wed, & traveled through the land He saw the sick, the old, the dead This human suffering, he did not understand So down the road he fled He renounced the royal life, & the pleasures of his youth Thus began his sacred quest He dreamt that he should be, a seeker of the truth So he journeyed to the dark forest He practiced self-denial, to see if he could find The key to the unknown He deprived his body, & he almost lost his mind He was nothing left but skin & bone Woa Siddhartha, you’re looking for that Middle Path Somewhere in between self-deprivation & the indulgence of your past Woa Siddhartha, you’re looking for, you’re looking for a cure But you have practiced the perfections, there’s never been one quite as pure As you Then a woman took him in, & fed him milk from rice His mind returned to harmony He vowed to sit alone, to make the sacrifice He took a seat beneath the tree Underneath the moon that night, he explored the inner space He shone as brightly as the sun The veil of ignorance, vanished without a trace Thus arose the Awakened One
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