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The Gift
#1 on CIM radio. One of the most played chill-jazz tracks.
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Jon Dalton
Jon Dalton (PRS)
December 04, 2004
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Story behind the song
"I composed the main melody part very quickly one morning. I tried to use chords that were reminiscent of 60s - 70s soul; like the Isley Brothers, that kind of thing. The B & C sections, which are very subtly different, were composed over the following week. The intention with these parts was to steer the listener's interest. It's quite a long piece and the tempo is slow so it's important to try and keep the listener engaged. As with all these things, my aim is that the listener is not aware of the "mechanics" of what's going on just that the flow is natural and organic. We demoed the song with a trio in California and I sent the demo to my producer John O'Hara in the UK. "The Gift" was our first collaboration and we gelled instantly. We both liked the idea of using the soul chords over a trip-hop beat. We're both from the city of Bristol in the UK which is famous for trip-hop bands like Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead so we thought this approach was appropriate. I suppose we wanted to trace the timeline "arc" of the development of soul music through the decades within the song. I also thought it would sound great on the beach!!"
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