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E-Bay Christmas
A Parody
Podcasts - Comedy
Previous peak charts position #40
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #20
Mitch Townley
2004 StudioMacSounds
December 04, 2004
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Story behind the song
Reflecting on a post-Ebay Christmas
Very "E-Bay" Christmas (c) 2004 Mitch Townley Studio Mac Sounds E-Bay Christmas Had myself a "Very E-Bay Christmas" Pay Pal's no friend of mine Creditors are calling, can you spare a dime? Had myself a "Very E-Bay Christmas" Hate to get out-bid Told my wife, "Yes dear, I really needed it" The make up brush used by Tammy Fay Shatner's old toupe, hair plugs. A bumper for a Mercedes Benz Signed by the cast of "Friends". Lived online, new ISP was faster Than dial-up would allow Searching at "light speed", more item's could be found Eight tracks of Barry Manilow A bag of Vermont snow, it's fresh Sixty acres of prarie land In Turkmenistan, the best. Doesn't matter that my wife is leaving I am feeling proud Won all my auctions, paid twice the price of "Buy It Now" I'm hooked on "E-Bay" but I am in denial now.
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