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Metal - Heavy Metal
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Final Contact
2004 Final Contact
November 27, 2004
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Fight Do you know what it's like to have nothing to lose ? Have no options to choose and your life won't amuse Everything is taken except my will to fight Keeping hope within my sights but the pain ends tonight Got to turn things around, to stay sharp and dig deep Got 2 hours of sleep and a self-promise to keep Time to fight, time to kill, time to struggle and bleed Time for vengence and pennance with a battle to lead So to hell with authority and to hell with you too And to hell with this life I've been forced to live through (All these) Memories of pain every god-forsaken day Armed with strength, here to stay, throwing musical grenades I can never let loose, and I can never lose grip Makes me sick, never slip, but the hatred will rip Into ones who take stance between me and my peace Need release from the grief, need to make the pain cease I don't need to believe in your false deity The only thing that I need is the strength that is IN me Plant the seeds to be free, to kill greed, and release And to see what I need, why I'll bleed to keep lead The light is almost gone, when the pain becomes a power Then my inner strength explodes, killing fear for every hour And I'll fight to the death since my hope is a pillar Problem makers, problem takers, but I'm the problem killer All the clouds are gray, but I'll find the silver lining And my life will be better and the sun will be shining Every story has an end, every tunnel has a light But my rage was the reason for survival of the fight Rage Go