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Old 124
A tribute to our veterans and a warm howdy to the guys and gals at American Legion Post 124 in Ferdinand, Indiana.
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November 09, 2004
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Story behind the song
My brother Leo was serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and we were having an email conversation about the things here in the USA he missed. He mentioned "fish bowls at the old 124." I knew he was talking about the beer in a big frozen glass they serve at the American Legion hall in the next town over from St. Henry where we both grew up. I got to thinking about the guys who drank that beer--how patriotic they all are, how quick they are to defend God and Country, and how if America needed them, how they would be right back there fighting proudly like they did back in the day--no matter if that original day was one of the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam or whatever other conflict. I figured that would make a pretty good song, and since--for me, at least--it all revolved around our little American Legion post 124 there in Ferdinand, Indiana, I thought it was only fair to name the song after it.
Last night at the Legion hall We saw on TV news: This war in Iraq's a powder keg With a slowly burnin' fuse. Experts at the Pentagon Say we're spread too thin; We just went to the UN To ask 'em for help again. (Chorus) Mr. President, if you're short on men, We've got plenty here-- Battle-seasoned, Full of reasons To fight for what we hold dear. There's little towns like this one All across this land. God didn't throw away the mold When he made Ferdinand; So, If you decide you need us To come fight for you in this war, You can find us behind our fish bowls At the old 124. My uniform smells of mothballs-- It's nothin' my wife can't cure. Last time I think she shrunk it though; It don't fit so good no more. I'd fight naked if I had to for this country. I'm no stranger to hard work and pain. Wouldn't be the first time I stood tall as a soldier; I'd be just as proud to stand as one again. (Chorus) My wife can easily take my place at bingo; I've seen her handle two or three cards before. If you can't spare a rifle, that's okay, sir; That's my 12-gauge on the gun rack by the door. We can show this enemy a thing or two Tricks we learned in World Wars, Korea, Vietnam As much as any man, we know what to do, Sir. With all due respect, we do give a damn. (Chorus) We're havin' one for you and the boys at the old 124.
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