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Walkin' Away From My Heart
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Cupid's firing away again, but this time....
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Sharon Mark/Nigel Quin
Sharon Mark/Nigel Quin 2004
November 07, 2004
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Walkin' Away From My Heart ©2004 Sharon Mark/Nigel Quin [Verse 1] Cupid’s at the firing range He's taking out his darts His eye is on the target And that target is my heart Now he's a fully-fledged archer... Doesn't need a practice shot I know that I'm in trouble Cause his arrow's flamin' hot. [Chorus] I'm walkin...walkin' away from my heart I'm walkin...walkin' away from the start No matter what I do My heart will fall in love with you, So I'm walkin...walkin' away from my heart. [Verse 2] He's using potent poison As his arrow hits the mark I feel my inside tremble And glow red-hot from the spark I'm tryin' hard to fight it So intoxicating now You asked me not to love you You've already made your vow [Chorus] [Bridge] I tell my heart to try and see Why I know we could never be but my heart’s not listenin' And my head’s not giving in…. [Chorus] (©Sharon Mark/Nigel Quin 2004)