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Mister King
Rock - Punk
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words by Adam G. / music by Adam G.
13 Dead End Drive 2004
November 07, 2004
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Its late but I won’t go to sleep Clocks slice up seconds for the weak Split spirits, choke them down Till nothings left but tired bones Its good to be alone tonight Blow in the wind the window light Is falling fast Fall skies are fast asleep Mr. King Mr. King I would sing your melody Four-thousand words between the storm And my soul Mr. King Mr. King I would take your master key Unlock Pandora’s swarm Shadows climbing crumbling walls White light tracks down labrynthine halls Inspect the spectres vaulted midnight mind All good things come once upon their time I seek sweet things, things always hide Until the day I kiss my happily ever after Night will be waiting for me Mr. King Mr. King I would bring the malady Remove the veil between the storm And our souls Mr. King Mr. King You know that life is fantasy So lets unwind this mortal coil Touch the shape beneath the sheet Touch the shape between the sheets I don’t want to Pull the cover reveal the shape Open the cover reveal the shape I don’t want to Turn to the final page Life is over Let me see the face of fear Dead man dead pan black shade dark mirror Let me see the face Red hand can’t stand my face cracked mirror Life is over
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