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Mark Of DaBush. He's sick .sick .sick
Deception and lies from the Master of deception. Will you take The Mark Of DaBush.
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Rock - Guitar Rock
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Skiffy Flippo
August 19, 2006
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The Mark Of DaBush I watch the world being raked…Big corporations always on the take Quickly seduced by church and state…America no longer has the innocent traits To buy or sell food and bread….You got to get this mark put on your head The Mark Of DaBush…He’s sick sick sick..The Mark Of DaBush I heard it told long ago.. when I was a child and I was too young to know I’d live to see it come to be…Come about in this century Blood and guts spilled in the streets..The face of death on everyone you meet The Mark Of DaBush …He’s sick sick sick …The Mark Of DaBeast He’s so popular.. he’s been restored…When he talks you want to hear some more The world’s problems are solved by his regime..He has the answer for everything Some say he’s a doctor and a healer..I see him as a cold hard deciever Mark Of Da Bush … He’s sick sick sick …The Mark Of DaBush - He’s sic sic sic Mark Of DaBush … He’s sic sic sic …The Mark Of DaBush
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