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When the River Runs Dry
Americana style with a touch of folk/bluegrass...a great acoustic feel with seamless 3 part harmonies.
Single - $1.00
Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #48
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
Paul Mateki
2003 Paul Mateki BMI
October 18, 2004
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Story behind the song
Inspired by the song "Running Bear, Little White Dove" a 60's hit for Johnny Preston...but in our song the two lovesr on opposite sides of the river decide that it is better to wait for the "bridge" or the river running dry instead of taking the chance swimming out to meet each other...they hope some day to be in each others arms.
I see you wave in the morning I'm waving back from distant shore... I don't know your name but I'm sending you my heart My love sails safe once more. Too far to swim against the current No bridge to bring you to me... I yearn to cross and start each day with you Thank God this river's not a sea. What's your name I wanna write it in the sky Tell the wolrd I fell in love from afar Pray for the day there's no tears in your eyes And the time When the River Runs Dry. It never freezes over in the winter No chance to meet you half way I won't take the chance of swimming to the other side 'Cause what might be will get swept away.
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