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Would'a Been Here Much Sooner
Written by: Morris P Rainville & Rich Dodson. Produced by Rich Dodson. Violin by Don Reed
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Country - Country General
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Rich Dodson & Morris P Rainville
Rarerabit Music(socan), Sleepy Cat Music(capac)
August 14, 2008
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WOULD'A BEEN HERE MUCH SOONER Morris P. Rainville & Rich Dodson My mama always told me, the good Lord is the way The devil is always lurkin', and watching where you play He's always got time to tempt you, he loves when you go the wrong way You would'a been here much sooner, if you listened to what I say. I think about the time I wasted, working for the man Just got caught in the nine to five, with a promising retirement plan At times it seemed I lost my dream, just wasn't making any headway I would'a been here much sooner, blame it on security. Chorus Would'a been here much sooner, got lost along the way Went down the wrong direction, not enough attention I pay Sorry that I made you wait so long, sheer stupidity Would'a been here much sooner, got lost along the way. Whiskey got a hold of me one time, and I almost lost my mind Woman and the kids walked out one night, I had a little too much wine The beer brings on the ladies, you see it every night on the TV I would'a been here much sooner, but drinkin' got a hold of me. Now mama if you're listening, I'm headin' down a brand new road The devil ain't gonna stop me, I've got a song deep in my soul I think I've learned my lesson, things are really gonna be all right Would'a been here much sooner, but it took time to see the light. 1992, Rarerabit Music(socan)/Sleepy Cat Music(capac)
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