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I don't like shopping
The second best christmass song ever!
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Acoustic - Folk
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Corneilius Lookwood
Corneilius Lookwood
October 14, 2004
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Story behind the song
I read that somewhere in the region od 70% of western industrial activity, much of it toxic to nature and man alike, is geared towards shopping!
I can't stand shopping, I prefer swapping things I've made myself, for things I can really use, I can't spare the time, I've got better things to do.... Than wander round the product maze, oblivion, its a perfect haze, a distraction that lasts for just a few days... On all the high streets, in all the malls, on silver elevators we're held in thrall, we glide around, in a sterile world, while the banners of hypocrisy, are gently unfurled... I can't stand shopping, I prefer swapping ..... They gave you false power, right from the start, Instead of being truthfull, living from your heart, You can have what you want, if you give what it takes, chasing clever ads and heroes, while the fat cats eat cake! I can't stand shopping ....etc.,