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Bwop: Pie Li`ili`i
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An original and joyful love song. (Featuring George Kahumoku, Jr.)
World - Traditional Hawaiian
Previous peak charts position #161
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
2004 Peter Wing
October 11, 2004
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Story behind the song
Melinda is my "little pie" -- my soulmate, lover, inspiration, and the cutest bear I know. Of course, the first time I set out to write a song in `olelo Hawai`i, it was for my Pie. I wrote most of it on Big Island, while Gengers (Melinda) was getting lomilomi'd by George AuHoy. I knew where I wanted to go with this song but it was difficult to start, so I invoked an ancient Hawai`ian technique called "cock-a-roach" -- I just stole the first line from my favorite composer, Dennis Kamakahi. The rest of the song came easily. (I find, when composing, that it's best to just try and get out of the way and let the song write itself.) I think I first yearned to begin learning Hawai`ian language because it sounds like the most beautiful language to sing in. Now I hope to become fluent enough to dream in Hawai`ian. Writing this song let me realize I've found a language perfectly suited to expressing my love for my Wemus Begoons (Gengers). Tuning: Taro Patch
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