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prod/written/perf'd by fres. one of my fave tracks. its about .. yes .. it is ..
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ill ego aliens
November 29, 2002
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i woke up at the first thought jarred awake by a cold gust of wind and all of sudden it started to rain thundering white bolts of lightning struck while i eased out of my dream drained the pourage out of my cranium, so i could relieve the strain strung across the brain a strong pain unable to be retained unbelievable how things insignaficant remain vain tainted by the stain of a blank name i strive in insane ways to maintain my sanity in a manic plea, panicking automatically in a spasmatic fashion callin on my telegraph machine to contact my spacecraft to come rescue me from planet three lost use of telepathy so i resort to the m-i-c to persuade these idiotic human beings that feign the green and the usage of their seeds see i use to be wack shit, but now im above wack-verage the thin line in which wack and average seem to meet now it seems to me that im in a constant need to be pleased constantly following footsteps that lead me to believe that im the beast constantly following footsteps that lead me to believe that im the beast discrepancies in my threes the reason my life expectancies been decreased easily at expenses unnecessarily needed to be completed obsessive to the optics cuz im the opposite of obsolete (shit) shock therapy phonics, like open house to autopsies my generocities gotten nada to me, but whats odd to me is its probably gotten you the lottery, but what bothers me is everybodys problems then, suddenly become a part of me now im easily a part of the losing team even though i was winning, grinning and living the better situation now they put me in this position with a decision to send me off to the rehabilitation office where the patients are dead carcasses and the doctors are street pharmacists alarmed by this, i plot my exscape [meanwhile fresco plots his dynamic exscape from his liminal existence] now its hard for me to send my thoughts to be understood but if i could, i would revert them to each and every person alert them of whats the consequences while im in a constant quest to question the answers i object to respected amongst the disrespectful, i lead you but aledgedly you fled, afraid of the pessimistic sentimental reflections intended to intensify the momentum discretion is advised, like the pendulum, i freely sway side to side in conjuction with the time now as i reside in the future, i tend to reminisce about the present but it doesnt seem as pleasant as if i was living in the past tense now if it wasnt for the passion, i would have never had the charisma and if it wasnt for the charisma, i would have never had the damn talent now its not meant to make sense to some, but it sums up all the dollars and those whos hollowheaded had probably had enough of the album [attempts to exscape are useless] i intended to send my thoughts in your direction but instead then, my thoughts dispensed in a speech impediment? its meant to mean something to your mental, but in infinite ways youll interpret, but none of it will be in a correct text though now i sit back and think about how it started to rain today the scent of the rain came long before i started to wake the sound, penetrating ,u window pane cluttered my thoughts and down i came as i muttered a couple of words sprained while i stumbled to walk the earth not understandable but not due to the fact that i stuttered its due to the fact my thoughts were sent to the other end of the universe [and so i sat back and thought about how it started to rain, unintentionally in the long run, my thoughts came back to me]
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