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Dr. Evil's Strange Plan
1st track from our new c.d. The Organic Album is an intro track featuring Strange Dave the impressionist?
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Written By David Harry Rosenberg & Colin Turner
October 05, 2004
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2:38 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was written as a parody, obviously! It was hard being the only Bush/Israel supporter in the band so Strange Dave decided to make a little fun out of some politics. Everyone has feelings about politics, these days those feelings are strong. We here at Round Swamp have learned that it's much more fun to poke fun at politics then to poke at people feelings towards politics
Dr. Evil (Strange Dave) - Ladies and Gentleman, it's been twenty five frickin years but I'm back, and I'm stranger then ever, I have a new plan, the plan is oil We shall falsify United States documents making it look like the small country of Iraq has "weapons of mass destruction." Using this phony claim known as, "weapons of mass destruction", We shall promulgate the United States to enter into the small country of Iraq thereby seizing all of it's oil and turning the world, against the United States. Number 2 (Strange Dave) - Uh-hmm. Strange Dave? We said that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, we entered into their country and could not find any, and we are now in control of all of their oil. Dr. Evil (Strange Dave) - Ok, don't get your balls in an uproar I have another idea. The plan is music! We shall create an internet online based process known as "file sharing" Using this process known as "file sharing" we shall enable music listenters to (1) bypass the radio stations that will only play artists that the radio station owners own themselves and (2) circumvent the costly compact disc prices that the few remaining monopolistic corporations of music have placed unless these corporations pay us a hefty fine?!?!?! Number 2 (Strange Dave) - That too has already happened Dr. Evil (Strange Dave) - Shit Dr. Evil (Strange Dave) - Oh hell let's just throw some strange music together into a strange album like we always do, ok?