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Cryin' in the Mornin'
Alternative - Alt Power Pop
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Lani Ford
Kicking and Screaming Music, 2002
September 17, 2004
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Story behind the song
It's about a jerk I knew.
CRYING IN THE MORING Ia€™m shutting down Ia€™m closing off Just a little bit longer Then Ia€™ll stop Youa€™re cumming over me Til I cana€™t sing The other girls you see Dona€™t mean anything Ia€™m crying in the morning Ia€™m lonely at night To call you my boyfriend Just doesna€™t feel right Youa€™re cool and indifferent You suck my life dry I open my soul While you only lie And Ia€™m wasting my time Writing these words Ia€™m wasting my energy To only get worse Than I have ever had Or ever hoped for Too bad, so sad Guess I dona€™t deserve more Youa€™re opening statements Laid down the law Wea€™re both the plaintiff Defendant and bar Ia€™m crying on the phone Youa€™re saying Ia€™m crazy It just goes on and on And everythinga€™s so hazy Ia€™m going over Every conversation Trying to uncover A little indication As to Why you let me down And set me loose Why youa€™d shut me out To turn to blues You withhold your love And wonder why I cana€™t get enough And analyze Why Ia€™m crying in the whiskey Ia€™m sleeping around And when you finally see Ia€™ll fina€™lly be gone Ia€™m running in the sunshine Ia€™m dying at dawn But you would never be mine So now Ia€™m finally gone
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