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Me Learns English
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White Humour
White Humour
September 13, 2004
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Me Learns English Chrorus Me learns English everyday, When the sky is blue and when its grey Me learns to write and me learns to say Cos me wants to go to USA ----- If me makes mistakes, correct me Cos me wants to learn very quickly Me learns new words, me learns expressions Me learns grammer, me learns abbreviations When me learn English me will come To USA and to Vietnam Chorus ----- Me has a dream, me has a target To sell my rap on American market Me wants to know the people know That White Humour has real hot flow And yeah, me forgot something to say Me wants to fight that ILL MITCH gay! Chorus ----- me learns English everyday,me learns English everyday Yes, so come girls come, help me help me Girls, girls, girls, i tell it to whole girls Come and teach me English! Me learns English!