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Somebody Over There
A tribute to our troops to let them know how much we miss them and to welcome them back home when their work is done.
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2003, Den Hollinden (ASCAP.) All rights reserved.
September 10, 2004
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Story behind the song
My baby brother Leo was in the Middle East with the Indiana National Guard when the shooting war started. I couldn't think of anything else than how much I wanted him to be safe. I was glued to the radio, television set and BBC on the Internet. I know how things were over there, since I'd served in Desert Storm, but I couldn't help but worry. I finally decided that rather than just sitting around, I should do something that might help in some small way; so, I wrote this song.
We seem to sit a little closer when we gather 'round the table. The little one's askin' when you're gonna come back home. We just tell 'em you're workin' on somethin' important; You'll be back when the job is done. We bow our heads to thank God for this daily bread, Notice your empty chair and wish you were sittin' there. We thank you for fightin' for the freedom to say this prayer. (Chorus) We're your father or your mother, Your sister or your brother, Your husband, kids, wife or a friend-- Eager to see you again. We'll welcome you back from this war like the heroes that you are. We support you troops, and we're somebody--just somebody who's got somebody over there. We seem to talk a little quieter when we're together these days. To hear us you'd think you're our only care. But when we say we're proud, well, we say THAT real loud; We're surprised you can't hear us way over there! (Chorus) We pay a little more attention when the radio's on. We run a little slower when we pick up the phone: We say, "God, give us good news!" before we dare to say, "Hello," But when we get that call from you, bummin' a ride back home, We'll just let that receiver fall and burn up the streets like Parnelli Jones. (Chorus) You might feel a little special when you get back here-- The stuff cookin' in the kitchen might smell like your favorite meal. We'll untie them dusty boots, put some slippers on your feet; Sit you down at the table in that empty seat With your father and your mother, Your sister and your brother, Your husband, kids, wife or a friend. It's so good to see you again. Welcome back from this war. heroes are what you are. You make us so proud to be somebody, just somebody who had somebody over there.
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