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The Insolent Fan Boy
Star Trek punk rock
Rock - Punk
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Mike Have-Not
September 10, 2004
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Story behind the song
It is about people who troll the Trek message boards picking fights and arguments about how much new Trek sucks. Which it pretty much does...
I made Brannon Braga cry I said he was a no-talent hack who couldn't write a good story even if he tried On the internet message boards late-night You can find me in the Voyager forum just a-trollin' for a fight I am the Insolent Fan Boy I made B&B upset They shouldn't read the message boards if they don't wanna hear the truth just yet I've made my opinions clear (IMHO!) The powers-that-be can't make good 'Trek the way they used to back in yesteryear I am the Insolent Fan Boy I own alot of Star Trek toys
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