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Boldly Going
Star Trek punk rock.
Rock - Punk
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Jamie Have-Not
September 10, 2004
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Story behind the song
It's about Star Trek, circa mid-90's.
I like Captain Picard because he has a fake heart, But mostly because he is bald. Then there's Sisko, he's bald also. Commands a station Deep Space Nine it's called. But what about Janeway, her and Chakotay Like to hit it off when the crew has closed thier eyes. Last but not least's Kirk, of the four he was the first. He was the Captain of the Enterprise. CHORUS: Boldly going where no one's gone before Is a full time job for these macho Starfleet peers So just sit back, relax, and watch them struggle As they fight the bad guys in thier dangerous careers! The Enterprise-E looks cool. Voyager looks okay, too But I really like the Enterprise-A. Then the poor fifth Enterprise, it met an early demise At the hands of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Then there's Deep Space Nine, that floating Cardassian mine. It's kinda cool, though to look at it ain't much. That first ship really stunk, a flying metallic hunk. That's why they remodeled her although it's just a hunch. (CHORUS) DS9 is getting pretty exciting There must've been some pretty good writing Now I like Deep Space Nine the best Before it was the Next Generation, no contest Sisko got a make-over and they got a new ship Worf joined the crew and that made the show real hip While boldly going where no one's gone before Adventure and danger are bound to be in store for you.
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