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But if you go (demo version)
If I lose all faith in myself, you're there to believe in me. Love song dedicated to Hector Corcin (soundclick.com/hectorcorcin). This is a SINGLE DEMO of my upcoiming work ANCIENT SHADOWS
World - New Age
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Priscilla Hernández
Priscilla Hernández
December 17, 2005
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Story behind the song
I wrote this track for my dear Héctor Corcin which has supported and encouraged dearly. Love u dear :) This song is featured in my new Album ANCIENT SHADOWS in a longer and better sound quality. You can buy the cd here: http://www.priscillahernandez.yidnethfanclub.com
You've become my sweet obsession sometimes a gift, sometimes a curse I hear no other voice than yours why do I feel so weak and so unsure... if I can ask for more? We both know certain feelings have no name but do we fight? or do we pray? oh fate may bring another chance again! my heart explodes in joy then hesitates feels like beating to death I won't question how long it might last though I wonder if you still care for me Let me worship all the time we have and remember you're always free to leave but if you go away from me please let me think at least that if I lose all faith in myself you're there to believe in me if I lose all faith in myself you're there to believe in me
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