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Original Disco dance rock song of 1979 by modern composer and songwriter, arranger, producer, synthesist, pianist, vocalist: John David Thomas (John Thomas) born MARCH 30, 1951 from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA...super HOT song by John
Single - $0.99
Rock - Rock n Roll
Previous peak charts position #17
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
John David Thomas
by John David Thomas in 1979 (ASCAP)
December 19, 2005
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3:55 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was written as a living "sex fantasy" of John David Thomas (John Thomas) of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA about blonde bombshell and superstar TV actress Suzanne Sommers on the hit national TV sitcom, "Three's Company" of the time period of 1979 and early 80's, where she plays blonde-haired sex kitten "Chrissy" on the TV show with John Ritter. John David Thomas (John, John David) made this recording at Neon Cornfield recording studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA in 1979, after writing the song and arranging it, and produced it in the studio as musical director and musical producer, with John at the piano, the Fender Rhodes electric piano, and the Oberheim synthesizer and using a MOOG Sonic 6 synth for the bass line...John sent a cassette tape to Suzanne Sommers studio after making the recording, for her to hear this "hit song" of the future, about her...to this day, John does not know if Suzanne Sommers ever actually got to hear "Chrissy", the disco rock song about her! A teenage kid in Seattle, Washington listened to "Chrissy" on a tape recorder at John David Thomas's home at the time in Marysville, Washington and the teen kid told John, "If you ever put this song out on a record or CD, it is automatically going to be a number one hit song on the radio!" So now, for the first time ever, "Chrissy" is hereby released to the public, for all to hear it, and time will tell the future of this "secret song" of John's, which always had a great destiny...the secret is now revealed, for the world to hear and for the world to enjoy! Happy dancing, and joyous listening, everyone! Let John know if you are a sexy girl or woman, who can identify with this song...imagine that this song is about YOU!
I'm doin' it for you, Chrissy You wanted me to, Missy I'm doin' it for you, You wanted me to, I'm doin' it for you, Chrissy You said you want me to go higher You said you want to feel the fire I'm doin' it for you You wanted me to I'm doin' it for you, Chrissy I like when you tell me What you want more than anything A lollipop To get you up Sugar coated candy, And a few other things (musical interlude) I'm doin' it for you, Chrissy You wanted me to, Missy I'm doin' it for you You wanted me to I'm doin' doin' it I'm doin' it for you, Chrissy (fade out to the End)
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