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Save America
'The Voice Of The People' (joined together in a prayer for sanity in an insane time where the clocks race backwards and promises made are held in contempt and laughed about over dinner)
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Blues - Blues Rock
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Joe Butler and Even Steven Levee
September 05, 2004
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Story behind the song
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote. While you still have a chance - exercise your right..
Save America by: Voice Of The People words and music by Joe Butler and Even Steven Levee © 2004 Chorus repeats - (Save America) Verse 1: Fire the liar - Don't rehire while his nose grows longer and his pants are on fire John Kerry's a hero, He served with pride while cowardly Georgie played run, duck and hide (Save America) verse 2: Georgie lied to start war - Now ain't that the truth he lied about weapons - Now he's killing our youth He lied through his teeth - Right down to his bones Now somewhere some mothers son ain't coming home (Save America Lyrics) verse 3: Bush lied about taxes, clean water and air about freedom and rights and also health care John Kerry's a good man, he reminds me of Lincoln come this November - you know what i'm thinkin (Save America) verse 4: Georgie steals for his rich friends while Robbin' the Hood while the national debt climbs up to no good They control all the news, radio and T.V. They may fool some - but we ain't to blind to see (Save America) verse 5: All crooked cronies on that fool Georgies team turn their backs on our friends and made our forefathers scream They rule by fear. They don't serve with hope and that foul crook Dick Chainey needs his mouth washed with soap (Save America) verse 6: It's really amazin' how much bad you can do with arrogance, ignorance and stupidity too it will take years to undo their harm vote Kerry and Edwards - send Bush back to his farm (Save America) (Save America) (Save America) (Save America) (Save America)
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