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Malagasy Memories
This song represents the first collaborative effort between Joe Peters and Michael Kelsey.
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Rock - Folk Rock
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Joe Peters
Joe Peters
September 05, 2004
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Story behind the song
Dai and I spent two years in the early 1990s living among rainforest villagers on the island of Madagascar. We learned so much from them about life and happiness, as they had so little material wealth but so much humor and courage. We were there ostensibly to help with the establishment of a new national park, but came away with a deep respect for Malagasy culture and traditions. This song was written in Indiana one night in 1997 as I sat lost in my memories of Madagascar and its people.
Malagasy Memories Ayaway, Malagasy on your island adrift at sea Ayaway, Malagasy won’t you come and rescue me For I have seen your people dancing long into the night And I have shared your roof and floor and fire shining bright But now I miss your skin so dark your smile full of light And I want to climb your deep green mountain where the spirits take to flight Ayaway, Malagasy will they ever let you be Ayaway, Malagasy all you want is to be free I still remember your quiet voice your laughter of delight And how you showed me to brave no matter what the fright Do you remember I tried to help alleviate your plight But in the end I still don’t know if I was wrong or right Ayaway, Malagasy oh your life beneath the trees Ayaway, Malagasy is there hope for you and me You let me in to feel your pain you shared with me your sight With you I sank to my deepest low and scaled my highest height You taught me how to flow with life without putting up a fight And how the weakest of the earth can overcome the might Ayaway, Malagasy, Ayaway
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